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Chain Maille is an Ancient techinque of the linking of rings to form a woven sheet of metal. The history of this technique is a little hazy, some theories range from Sumerian To Japanese to Celtic origins.  Chain Maille for Jewellery is a for more modern invention which finds its roots in traditional Armor.
 The name chian maille comes from the Latin word "Macula" meaning "Mesh of net" and also from the French descrition and sheets of chain can simply be refered to as Maille.  Japanese chain armor are linked rings into hexagonal grids, small round rings were connected to vertical oval rings and were mostly lacquered to prevent rust, these meshes were then stitched into cloth or leather.  The Celts from the 5th century were more than likely the first to create what we now know as chain maille., More durability and flexability was gained by linking the rings directly to one another.  The arrival of the Romans spread this form of armor and the most common form of this still survives as European 4 in 1 maille.