Jewellery Repairs are our speciality! I have been doing our own in house jewellery repairs now for many years, having used a number of out workers to previously do our repairs, I one day came to the conclusion that the jobs the repairs were not being done to my satisfaction and was sure that I could do a better job, and now I do!
If you just have some charms that need soldering on your charm bracelet,  your ring needs sizing or needs a worn shank replacing, you favourite chain is broken, to retipping claws to your engagement ring, replacing missing stones, even total re modelling then our workshop can cater for every need.  A few jobs that need specialist machinery to complete a repair are sent to a colleague who has lazer welding equipment, jobs such as where a delicate stone would have to be removed to complete the repair, and that the removal of the said stone may possibly damage it.
Rest assured that all jobs undertaken are done with the utmost attention, and your favourite pieces lovingly polished to look as splendid as always.

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